NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT)

Friends and Family Test results

Below are our Friends and Family Test (FFT) results from previous months.

Responses October November December
1 Extremely likely 40 34 25
2 Likely 5 6 7
3 Neither likely or unlikely 1 1 1
4 Unlikely 0   0
5 Extremely unlikely 1 2 1
6 Don’t know 0 1 0
Summary Scores      
Positive 96% 85% 94%
Negative 2% 11% 3%
Neutral  2% 4% 3%

Actions resulting from FFT feedback

Here are some of things we have changed about the surgery as a result of feedback received via the FFT survey.

  • We have changed our telephone system to allow more incoming phone lines into the surgery with a call back facility when it is busy

  • The surgery has undergone a full renovation with improved facilities

  • We have reviewed our appointment booking process and implemented a system to ensure those patients in most need of a same day appointment are prioritised and allocated an appointment with the most appropriate clinician

  • We have introduced a phlebotomy service so that blood tests can be conducted in the surgery